FP3+ black screen red indicator flashing while charging

Please help. My FP3+ was just sitting on my desk, approximately 60% battery life remaining. I looked at the phone, tuned to my computer, looked back and the phone was black. The phone wasn’t even touched.

It won’t turn on and I get a flashing red light when I attach the charging cable. But nothing other than that.

I have vital information on that phone that I simply cannot lose. Please help as it’s pretty desperate.


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Try the following

If you still have a warranty, i.e. you bought the phone less than 2 years ago

  • remove the battery and check it’s voltage if you can
  • try cleaning the USB port it may have debris that has short circuited the battery
  • open a support ticket with Fairphone.

With no warranty

  • You can disassemble the phone and clean all contacts
  • you can disassemble the bottom module for more thorough cleaning.
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Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

So I completely disassembled the phone and cleaned all contacts with contact cleaner. I also disassembled the modules, took apart everything I could. I was particularly thorough when cleaning the USB port/bottom module.

I carefully reassembled the phone ensuring that it was all making contact and nothing was loose.

I then checked the battery voltage with a multi-meter and found the battery to have an output of 4.2 volts.

The phone still won’t turn on and I get red flashing light when it is plugged in on charge.

I am distraught because I desperately need the information on the phone. I so regret getting a Fairphone. I’ve never experienced such a thing with any other phone.

Please, if anyone knows how I can get my phone to turn on again, I’d really appreciate the help.

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I’m afraid your phone is dead, there seems to be a series that suffers from this sudden death, see for example:

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Oh man, that’s devastating to hear. I cannot begin to explain what I have lost because of this.

I tried calling Fairphone support, what a bunch of cretins! They’re just reading from a script and repeat the same thing over and over without stopping to think for even a second…I may as well have spoken to a robot. Very unhelpful. Wouldn’t let me speak to anyone else either. Just kept saying send it in and we’ll delete everything as we’re not a data recovery service. When I asked for some clue as to what the symptoms could indicate, the lady just repeated the line above as any automaton would. Reminded me of ‘the computer says no’ skit from the comedy show ‘Little Britain’.

I’ll never use a Fairphone ever again and tell everyone I know not to touch them. They’re far too unreliable. They have clearly rushed their product to market instead of thinking it out and rigorously testing it in real world scenarios. I’ve seen countless complaints of oxidisation from moving to places with different temperatures…just ridiculous. I have replaced the bottom module twice already and now this…the phone is not even 18 months old.

I thought buying a Fairphone would be some way to make a small difference but the stress, time and money I have lost on Fairphone, not to mention the terrible after sale service, has convinced me never to go with a small company again.

I simply want access to my data, so If anyone can help please, I’m open to suggestions…in fact, I’m desperate for suggestions. Many thanks

Although I can understand, that you are upset because you forgot to make a backup of your ‘vital information’ on your phone, I can’t understand your very rude behavior.

So I’m out of this thread.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone, if I was rude it’s because I’m unbelievably upset as what I’ve lost is of great importance to me.

Although admittedly I did write that last comment in the hope that someone at Fairphone reads this as their service is unacceptable for a device so expensive…something needs to change there.

Yes, I made a huge mistake not backing my data up, that’s on me and I’ve just learnt a hard lesson.

But I understand if you’re out. No offence taken.


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