✏ FP3 Best Qi-accessory for inductive charging?

Dear Community :wave:t3:

I recently became the proud owner of a new used Fairphone 3. It’s pretty much perfect :grinning:

However I miss the ability to charge it inductively (I want to get rid of charging cables). Therefore, I bought a Qi charging pad (Inbay Qi receiver) and borrowed two charging stations (Kwmobile and a no-name transmitter).

Unfortunately, the Fairphone charges incredibly slow on these two station, just 10% in nine hours!
I also placed the smartphone offset and even without a cover, but it didn’t help either.

:iphone: Fairphone 3 Qi-accessory

Charging Pad Charging Station Recommendation Charging Progress
Nillkin Magic Tags Wireless Charging Receiver (Output: 5V/1A) Ikea Livboj /
Ikea Nordmarke
(Input: DC5V/2A)
🟢 100% in 3 hours
—''— Inbay Wireless Charger / Induktive Qi-Tisch-Ladestation
(Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A)
🟢 50% in 2 hours (starting at 50%)
Inbay Universal Qi receiver USB-C
(Input power: DC5V/1A; Charging current: DC5V/1A)
Inbay Wireless Charger / Induktive Qi-Tisch-Ladestation
(Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A)
🔴 4% in 3 ½ hours (starting at 10%)
—''— Kwmobile 35505
(Input: 5V/1,5A)
🔴 11% in 9 hours (starting at 50%)
—''— Wireless Charger Q16P
(Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A)
🔴 10% in 9 hours (starting at 50%)

Do you use other accessories which makes inductive charging much faster (unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about charging times in the previous thread)?

I’d like to collect your recommendations here. Regards!

Edit (09.04.22): Apparently, only certain Qi receivers work with the Fairphone 3. The one from Inbay did not work for me (but that could also be due to a broken cable e. g.), but the one from Nillkin did.

Edit (01.09.22): I’ve exchanged my Inbay Universal Qi receiver USB-C for @Stenneth_Flushpool’s Nillkin Magic Tags Wireless Charging Receiver. Obviously the Inbay one works way better with Stenneth’s Fairphone 4 than with my Fairphone 3.

:iphone: Fairphone 4 Qi-accessory

Charging Pad Charging Station Recommendation Charging Progress
Inbay Universal Qi receiver USB-C (Input power: DC5V/1A; Charging current: DC5V/1A) unknown 🟢 fast

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sorry no recomendations and thanks for your report.

However you seem to still have to use the USBC port and either
a) the phone is attached for longer, which is invonvenient or
b) you have to plug it in more often thereby stressing the port.

The figures you provide suggest the phone side can provide 5V at 1 A. However the phone is looking for a QC3 compliant source, which this may not be and so only accepts a low current - if it is getting 5V anyway.

Ensure your phone part is not PD rather than QC3. I just tried a straight 5.1V 2.4A on a PD sensitive device and only got 20% over a long night.



Nillkin receiver + simple IKEA transmitters work perfect. But I use also a no-name charging pad, with which it takes about 5 hrs to fully charge the battery.

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@amoun: Didn’t know there’s another standard besides Quick Charge, thanks for your explanation! So I’ll make sure the accessories are at least up to the Quick Charge 3.0 standard.

@emre: Thank you for sharing your recommendation!

I guess you are using this Nillkin Magic Tags Receiver? Which charging station do you use? Ikea Livboj or Ikea Nordmärke?

And does the 5 hours charging time apply to both of your charging stations (Ikea and no-name)?

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Hi CieJey,

Yes indeed, it is Nillkin Magic Tags Receiver. And I use both IKEA Livboj and Nordmarke but another version, see this NORDMÄRKE Ladehalter, kabellos, Bambus - IKEA Deutschland.

With IKEA pads, the charging time is around 3 hrs. The phone indicates “charging”; thus not “Slow charging” or “fast charging” either.

The Nillkin receiver will be positioned slightly to the left side of the phone because of the location of the USB-C port, and therefore you need to be a little bit more careful to align the pad with the receiver. The main pluspoint with IKEA pads I see is that you do not need to worry too much about the orientation of the phone in this sense.

Here is also my post with pics of the phone showing the small modification I made on the original protective case:


Hey emre,

thanks for your detailed answer! Next time when visiting Ikea I’ll have a look if their charging stations work just as well with my Inbay Qi receiver.

Edit: seems like I can’t edit my first post anymore.

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I’ve made the first post a wiki so that you can edit it and everyone can add their own experiences (tell me if I shouldn’t have), so you can add your new post now as well.

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Hey @Alex.A, perfect and thanks a lot!

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I’ve tried several charging stations now, but the charging speed remains unchanged (see above). So it is either my charging pad or my chargers:

(Input: AC100-240V (50/60Hz)/0.2A; Output: DC5V/1A)
Amazon AC Adapter
(Input: 100-240V(50/60 Hz)/0.15A; Output: 5V/0.85A

Perhaps its the charger after all (seems to me, they don’t meet the QC3 requirements, as amoun already assumed)? But before I buy something for nothing again: What chargers do you use?

Even directly plugged in to the USB port this is really borderline for the FP3 and would produce “charging slowly” at best. Once it’s been through the induction loops probably it will have no effect at all.

This I would expect to just about begin to charge the phone.

The charger I use at home provides 5V 2A. During the day I occasionally top up on a PC’s USB port.

Bear in mind however that slow charging is better for the battery.


Hello @OldRoutard

thank you for your information! I’ve tried a charger with 5V/2A now, but it didn’t helped either - however, could have been the cable…

I’ll try to get another Quick Charge 3.0 setup and see if that helps :thinking:


Hello dear community,

thanks to a generous donation from @Stenneth_Flushpool, I was recently able to try out Nillkin’s Qi receiver on my Fairphone 3. Now it charges in acceptable times!

Apparently, only certain Qi receivers work with the Fairphone 3 (maybe it’s due to different Qi standards). By the way, I used the same chargers as before, so they don’t seem to be that crucial after all.


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