FP3: Best language for the GUI (graphical user interface)?


i have seen in other Topics that it seems there are some problems with some parts of text translations in some languages, for example: in french, german or spanish there are some buttons which are wrong or duplicated and it produces confusion or wrong understanding what to do or choose.

Please, which language should be the best?
Is English (american, british, etc.) the basis language for all translations for the OS Google Android Version 9?

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I live in Germany and my system language is set to German. I have not yet encountered any wrong or duplicate buttons. What exactly are you talking about?

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Although for me this here is a non-topic. The answer is English. What other answer could there be?

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Probably the duplicated Buttons are in french, i am not sure exactly which language was, but in english they were correct and other languages there was something wrong or mistakes, now i do not remeber in which topic i read that, sorry, it could be that the topic was not exactly about language, but inside there was a reference to that.
Thank you!

I was about to say the best language is your own and if it contains errors, report them so they can get fixed


Good point, i think so, and anyway the switch to english is every time possible, just in case of doubt.

Obviously almost everybody should and would set the language to their own. Of course I do that, too.
English still would be better for discussing and getting support in the world and in the internet, I think.
And it answers the question about the base for the translations, too :wink: . (Until somebody proves it actually isn’t English.)


By the way, by other communities there are separated forums for each country or language.
I am new in this Fairphone forum and i do not know if there are others versions, i mean separated forums for each country or language. Are there?

And also I have seen flags by some users, which means the country where they are or language they speaks, right?
Could you tell me, how do they set these flags?
Thank you.

It’s all done manually. You can find the flags and their codes by clicking on the :slightly_smiling_face: when you create a post (or a topic). Flags below a topic’s title are graphical “tags” that you can choose when creating a new topic.


Thank you very much for your help!

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