FP3 - Battery use > 3 %/h


i know that there are some other discussions about this topic but i didt find any solutions in there.

Here is my problem: i dont use my phone very often nevertheless the need of energy is very high (between 2 and 3 % / h). Mobile data / wifi / position is turned off almost all time.
Also i noticed that the phone dosn´t fall into deep sleep mode (often 0 % off time).

The latest version of /e/OS is insalled. I tuned off all synchronisation, I dont use facebook. I tried to deinsall almost all of my apps and ordered a new sim card. The problem appered since some months.
I use NOVA-app for a better user interface.

Does anybody have the same problem or even better a solution?



Could you install the BetterBatteryStats (the link will explain everything and you be able to download an apk) to check whether something isn’t using up your battery? For example check that there isn’t a kernel wakelock, or a partial wakelock permanently using your CPU, and check the many other things that could drain the battery (this app gives a lot of raw data).

This is the problem I had on my FP2, and it turns out it was a faulty core module. You can check the thread where I describe it: Process irq/288-wcd9xxx draining battery

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