FP3 Battery Life Experiences

No problems, I’ll run my battery down to 15% and charge from there. I’ll post an update tomorrow :blush:


OK, so I charged my battery from 15% all the way to 97%.
That took 1h 53m on my QC3 charger.

That doesn’t give the full picture, as most of that charge time was in the 80+% area. The charge times I’ve had, in the past;
34-80% 40minutes.
42-80% 34 minutes.

I’m unsure what charger they were on, I suspect a quick-charge one. I’ve a record of a charge-time of 65 minutes for 45-80%, which I believe was on a 1 amp charger.

I’m using an app that keeps record of charge times and has a battery alert function, so I can stop charging at 80%. I’ve not got a spreadsheet :wink:


Is that still nesecessary with the FP3’s eco charge mode? The phone is supposed to stop loading (or only load very slowly) when reaching 85% to make the battery last longer.

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Probably not necessary but it lets me know that I can unplug the phone from the charger :blush:

What’s that app name? Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess we’re talking about “AccuBattery”.


“Battery Bot Pro” on f-droid does similar job, for variety =)


Came across this Reddit post:

This is more about the physical life of the battery. Apparently it sits in too tight this time (in contrast to FP2). I have not read more reports about the issue than this specific post.

Compared to some real old mobile phones (back when every battery was swappable) the battery sits a bit tight in its spot. I however did not have to use any tools etc to take it off and setup my phone.


No, my battery fits super. No problems there.

On twitter someone asked about the estimated battery life shown in “settings > battery”

I don’t speak French but it looks like a translation issue to me. The 03:30 I guess does not mean “lasts for 03:30” but “lasts until 03:30”.

Can someone confirm?
And for those people who get more than 2 days on a full charge: what is displayed for you? I’m wondering if “03:30” may in fact mean three in the morning on Friday… :wink:

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I never take those estimates serious. They seem like RNG to me as a HRM on a smartwatch :smiley:

From my basic knowledge of french it is:
“Estimated time remaining”
So the question is accurate.
Add to this, that "Thibaut"is a french name and one should expect a frenchman to get the translation right. :wink:

My guess would rather be, that this estimation depends on the activities of the phone.
It’s like the average fuel consumption.
When you start with a full tank and drive through the city in heavy traffic, the average fuel consumption is really high. Once you have gone a longer way with lesser traffic or on the motorway, the average is lower and becomes more accurate.

With a battery level of still 91%, there is very few energy consumption so far to measure the remaining time by. That would be even more true, if the phone was charged to e.g. 95% only.
Is that understandable? I am not sure, if I managed to get my message right.

Maybe someone could tell that to Thibaut.

In short: It might just be an estimation based on a short time of using the phone in a very energy-consuming way. And that way of using the phone is not how it is used on average.
I would start to suspect a battery issue, when it is “Temps restant estimé 1:30” just 2 to 3 hours later, while not streaming video or the like.


As I am French… “temps restant estimé” here means estimated remaining time… or “lasts for 03:30” until it runs out of battery. Looks like a battery issue, or the estimation is just completely wrong and everything will be fine after a couple of charing cycles.

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On my FP3, is says “should last on til [Time]" where time is a specific point of the day.

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If I compare with a Nokia phone under Android (10), the sentence in French says it lasts till a certain time and not how long is left. I think there is a mistake in the translation…

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My Fairphone often behaves very strangely.
Yesterday, for example, I closed all apps and deactivated Mobile Data and Wifi. Within two hours it lost 6% battery. From 77% to 71%.

Thanks, that was what I tried to get at. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough. I didn’t suppose Thibaut wasn’t capable of speaking his own language. :wink: And the quality of battery estimation was also of secondary nature for me.
I just wanted to know if the French or German translation is buggy because obviously they can’t both be correct.

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Well, the battery-status on my FP2 (Android 6) reads:
“29% - approx. 14 hrs left”
Setting the language to French (Francais) it says:
“29% - Temps restant : 14 h environ”
This equals the phone message for Thibaut.
Wonder, when they changed it, if it is different now with Android 10?

There is a graphic under that line showing the remaining time as a kind of timeline with an endpoint.
I would be really surprised if they got this wrong. I rather stick to the lack of accuracy due to the short period of time the phone is running.

Had mine in one week.the battery last only half a day. And the back of the phone is really warm?

Found the problem, memorycard.Took it out and everything was ok.