FP3 battery is bloated, anyone else had this issue?

Hi, could only find a FP1 thread about this.

My battery has been dying at 15% for a while now, today it was 18%. So I took it out to check and it appears to be bloated. Which also might explain the sudden dots on my screen. I already ordered a new one, but.

How safe is to keep using it? Delivery might take until Friday next week… Anyone else had this issue?

Hi you will find a number of such problems if you search the forum



Ah, yes. I search for bloated instead of inflated. Thanks for being insufferable.

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If the pressure inside gets too high (it inceases every time the phone is being charged) it will explode, causing battery acid to spill everywhere. It could also catch on fire, although I am not sure how likely that is (however, if it lights up, lithium fires cannot be put out with water). To make it short: Stop using the phone until you get a new battery. It can be really dangerous.


On a scale of zero to infinity with zero being 99.99% safe I say a 10,000 times less safe. So it’s a finite but unknown risk. Do not trust that it is safe, do what you can to avoid using it.

When you receive your replacement battery, try and keep its charge level between 20% and 80% - or even narrower band if you can. Slow charging is better than quick, for battery health.
See FP guidance for battery care (this article is about FP4 but most of it is valid for any phone).


Hi everyone, I’m facing the same problem and after reading this topic I immediately ordered a new battery.

I am also facing a problem in charging the phone (the charging process stops and the icon/led turn to normal while still plugged) and I don’t know if the reason is the charger, the bottom module or the bloated battery.

After replacing the battery I will check if the problem continue I will replace the bottom module. I am worried that the battery bloated thanks to this charging problem and some hit the phone received :cry:

Don’t forget it may be the cable alternatively >)

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