FP3 Android Update 13 and Freestyle Libre 3, working?

Hi everybody,

I’ve a Diabetes sensor in use since 2 years, which ist a Freestyle Libre 3. Last year we had the issue with the broken NFC, which was Not funny using the system properly.

Now I am a bit afraid to upgrade my FP3 to Android 13. Want to avoid such a similar issue.

My question is, does somebody use that in a working combination with a FP3?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Steffen,

i upgraded to Android 13 on my FP3 about a week ago and the Libre 3 App seems to be working without issues (except for the issues you are likely already familiar with…)



Hi all, I have a FP3+ with Freestyle libre 2 and at least since the update to Android 13 the alarms are not working well. I have set all permissions in A13 for the Libreview app open, so that should not be an issue, but the app from Freestyle keeps on wining that alarms are not supported.
This morning I had a meeting with a representitive from Abott at my hospital (in the Netherlands) and after having looked at the phone he confirmed that alarms are not supported on the FP3… Scanning and so on does work well though (most of the time). Big plus is of course that the app sends data/readings to your physician. That’s my main reason for still using the app.

The answer from Abbott was that FP3 ist not supported at all.

I am still in Android 11, because of the fingerprint issue with A13. Everything is working well (banking.etc)

Back to libre, alarms are working perfect on A11.

The only issue is still, that the libre app cause ANR message, means application not responding, that really s*cks. I read a bit about it, a main cause for that problem is a bad developed app!

Logged out of the app(which means my doctor doesn’t get updates of my diabetes data’s). This logout speeded the app up a bit, but ANR is still coming.

I am thinking of buying a FP4 to try it with that hardware. The lower hardware release cost around 399€. I would hope to get e better performance than with FP3, but I am not sure. Does somebody have experience with FP4 an libre 3?