FP3 Android™ Enterprise Recommended


does anyone have experience on: Android™ Enterprise Recommended?

FP3 should support this:

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Actually, it would event make sense to apply for the “rugged device” certification. The only difference I see is that you have to deliver software updates for 5 years (which FP plans anyway) and that the device survives a “drop test”.

Not breaking too fast should be a goal for a phone focused on longevity. Maybe FP3 could be offered in a special case or with a special cover? Or maybe it’s sturdy enough already?


this is OT, but I completely agree. you might want to post that in the discussion forum as a new thread.

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Hi @werner_noebauer
I think this is a good idea if Fairphone can get it without too much extra effort. It’s a bit similar to a question I’ve seen about whether or not the FP3 will be Android One certified. I don’t know what’s really involved in either really, although I believe that Google stipulate various things to do with the UI, features, bundled apps and the software needs to pass a bunch of tests. This might be difficult for Fairphone to achieve with limited resource, or they may already be attempting to do it. It would be great if they managed it! :slight_smile:
The hardest thing might be guaranteeing the frequency of security updates and the number of OS version updates, which require continuous resource to achieve and AFAIK Fairphone have struggled a bit with these in the past.
Still, great suggestion :slight_smile:

Current status:

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The main advantage seems to be patched within 90 days. Something Fairphone could easily do, and a lot of vendors do as well (but for how long?). I bet Google asks serious money for this “certification”.

Perform under harsh conditions

Android Enterprise Recommended rugged devices are built to handle tough environments with protection against drops, dust and more. Android Enterprise Recommended rugged devices are also built to stay up to date over long deployments

This should be a different category ie. “rugged Android smartphones” or “rugged enterprise Android smartphones”. A Google Pixel series has nothing to do with either. Android or not, you wouldn’t use it in an industrial environment where you would use a rugged (smart)phone.

Could someone from Fairphone please comment what the plan for “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) is?

A few weeks ago, I read on https://www.fairphone.com/en/business that AER will be available 6-8 weeks after launch. In the meantime, this information has disappeared and it seems AER is still not available.

I would like my company to provide Fairphones to employees, but they can only offer devices which are AER. I imagine it’s the same for a lot of businesses.


A few weeks ago, I opened a support ticket to ask about the current status of Android Enterprise Recomended for Fairphone 3. A little later, I got this answer (sharing it so the ones interested can see the current status):

Thanks a lot for your support! (and patience)

We’re currently working on bringing Android Enterprise to Fairphone 3. However, I don’t have confirmation that it will one day be released, and I don’t have a date either.

What I can do is write down your email address, and get back to you as soon as I have some news!


Dear Fairphone support team,

could you please post the current status on this?

Does not list “Android Enterprise Recommended” anymore. Did you drop this?

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Pinging @rae .

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Hi there,

To answer your question, the Fairphone 3 is not currently AER certified. We are still actively working to get this certification, however we cannot predict when/if this will happen. We will however keep you updated on our progress as soon as we have more news to share.


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