FP3 Android 13 - Reboot on screencast connection to smart TV

After the upgrade to Android 13 (Stock OS), my FP3 reboots any time I try to share its screen to my LG smart TV.
I also tried to delete the TV from my phone device list and add it again, with no success.
Googling around, I see similar issues were reported for other OS’ (e.g. /e/ OS).

Does anybody else observe this issue?
Any suggestions or known workaround to successfully share the screen on the TV?

Observed with A13 SW versions:

  • 6.A.020.0 - latest version
  • 6.A.018.0 - first discovery


Just adding that I’m experiencing this too

Please contact support about this … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us … either they are already aware and more users reporting this would add to the urgency of the issue, or you would make them aware.
Both things are important, while continuing to hope other users could share a workaround or solution here in the meantime.

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Shame there isn’t a public bug tracker so we could see whether this was already a known issue.



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Yep, I’ve just posted FP support on this. Let’s see.

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me too. Reported it to support

I got suggestion from FP support to try Safe Mode (it did not work) or Factory Reset as last resort (I’m not willing to for this kind of issue). I’ll wait for further indications from them.

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Can’t see this issue anymore after upgrade to new release 6.A.023.1 (fixed).


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