FP3 Android 13 deactivate app suggestions?

Dear Fairphone Community!

First of all, I was very happy about the update to Android 13 :blush:

What I find rather unnecessary though, are the app suggestions in the app bar at the bottom of the home screen. I’m able to delete the suggestions manually, but I cannot deactivate them permanently.

I have searched for the corresponding options in the settings, but have not found the right option either there or in the Home Settings.

Have I missed something? Thank you for your answers!

Well, I do not have this problem because I filled all five spots with app icons manually.

But if you long press between the app icons in the bottom bar, you can open a settings menu where you can disable the “suggested apps” feature. After that, the spots are immediately empty.


Thank you for your answer @TobiasF!

I’ve pressed long between the app icons in the bottom bar, but only the entries “Wallpaper and style”, “Widgets” and “Home settings” (see above) came up.

But I couldn’t find any corresponding option in all of these three settings?

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. When I select home settings through the screen I do not have the option to remove suggested apps.