FP3/Android 13/4G "unknown caller"

I’m using FP3+ with Android 13 (latest update). All incoming calls are displayed as “unknown”. I found some older topics about this problem, but they didn’t solve my problem. In my place we only have a 4G network so I can’t switch to 5, 3 or 2G.

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May I ask, we’re you live? Because only having 4G network is something I never heard of, at least for now. 2G or 3G, one of them is normally available, so switching off VoLTE should be possible for testing.

I understand. I’m working on a research station in the far north on Svalbard - we have only 4G - yes. 2G eller 3G is not a alternativ.

I have the same problem that started on Jan 4th, checked with network provider and caller ID is still active on my account??

The benefit of having children, just bemoaning my mobile woes, sorted, inadvertently set phone to WiFi calls now all good


Thank you for the answer - Ny-Ålesund is part of a radio silence area where we not are allowd to use WiFi. To set the phone on WiFi call without using WiFi seems not to work.

It seems to be a FP-spesific problem since all the other mobile phones in town works

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