FP3 and LOS 171.1 - finally fixing the OTA problem

Hi there,

this topic could be interesting to you, if

  • you have a FP3
  • use LineageOS 17.1
  • you have to install every update manually because the Updater software does not work

I hope there are some folks out there who find it useful. The message in short is: You can install the copy partition without factory reset following the instructions on the lineageos wiki…

Solving this issue is as simple as this:


  • Go to the LineageOS installation instructions: Install LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki
  • Download the copy partition zip file hidde in the here: Download the copy-partitions-20210323_1922.zip file from [here]


  • Restart FP3 into recovery mode
  • Connect FP3 to computer
  • Press APPLY UPDATE on FP3, then APPLY FROM ADB (if you get error messages, go back into main menu / advanced → press ENABLE ADB
  • on the computer, initiate adb sideload xyz.zip
  • restart FP3 into system
  • DONE!

All the best, Jens

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