FP3+ and location permissions

When I got my FP3+ I uninstalled the google app, because I don´t need it. I use Firefox and DuckDuckGo for searcher anyway. However, now I noticed, while abroad, that the Google Translate photo scan doesn´t work anymore with out the Google App. So I had to reinstall it.

After installing the app, the time and date on top of my screen started showing weather next to time. I checked and I have not given the Google app permission to use my location. Where/how does the time/date widget on top of the screen find the location? Does it somehow use the Wifi-network to locate me? Or is it somehow related to Calendar, as tapping the clock opens Google Calendar. Nevertheless, I haven´t given location permission to the Calendar either.

As a matter of fact, I haven´t given any app a permission to use/access my loacation all the time. However, every now and then a little symbol that indicates the use of location pops up in the top of the screen next to signal and battery.

How is all this possible? Is there some hidden feature that needs the GPS-location, that I cannot switch off, and that is what the symbol indicates? And where the heck does the weather come from to the clock? If I have denied the permission to use location from Google App, that shouldn´t be able to use the location, and I am definitely sure that it is the Google App that puts the weather to the widget, because for two years it wasn´t there and the minute I downloaded the Google App again, it popped up.

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Can you see any location data in the weather widget?

I imagine it’s using the location of the cell tower you are connected to etc. which of course is not a ‘real’ location but absolutely necessary to make calls etc.

Yeah @anon9989719, I imagined that is how the weather widget knows an approximate location of mine. It doesn´t say anything about the location, just shows if it´s sunny or cloudy etc and the temperature. Let´s see what happens if I turn off the Wifi, if it updates the weather or not?

But I am still a bit confused. I did not ask nor give a permission for the Google app to find my location for any weather data.

And another thing that baffles me is that GPS-location symbol that comes on top of the screen every now and then. I have checked and double checked. None of my apps is given a permission to use my location all the time. Only when they are used. However, the symbol might pop up even when I just unlock the phone. Or when I open Instagram for example, and IG is one of the apps that has never a permission to use my location, not even when I use it.


I still think as Android is the default OS it may well be that Google automatically allow the network carrier masts location to be used as an approximation.

The Wi-Fi location will be that of the broadband provider’s IP location which in my case is 300 miles away, unless I can activate the router as a beacon

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