FP3 and Camera+ modules problem: interference/banding (?)

Hello all,
I just installed the new camera+ modules on my FP3 with Android 10 (Build Number 8901.3.A.0045.20200905) and I immediately had an issue :frowning:
With the new module when I take a shot and the scene is illuminated by a led lamp I get an annoying banding/interference effect (please see the attached picture).
I have this issue with the stock camera app and with open camera.
It seems an interference issue connected to the frequency of the power line.
I do not have this issue if I use the old camera module.

Is it fixable? Any hints on how to work around that? Anyone else have this problem?

As soon as I can I will try to take pictures in different lighting settings and let you know (I hope this problem is related only to our specific led lamp).

Thanks a lot,


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I think this is definitely something Fairphone Support should hear of. If you find the time, please write a support request to them so they can feed this into their software development team.

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@urs_lesse Thanks! I will!

In the meantime I did some more tests with other led light sources and it seems the only lamp that generates the problem is the one we have in our office. With the ones I have at home I can see the interference briefly on the screen ( < 3 seconds) and then it disappears. It does not appear in the saved picture file at all.

One of my colleagues has a One Plus Nord that has the same issue. So it does not seem a FP3 only problem.