FP3+ always crashes on a signal call - LineageOS 17.1 and microG

anyone here may have the same problems as me?

Have microG, currently still 17.1, installed and unfortunately my FP3+ always crashes on a signal call.

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Not sure what crashes exactly means, but maybe some of the advice given here could help, assuming you already tried to re-install Signal and it’s up to date?

I guess I have the same problem: I also use an FP3+ with LineageOS for microG 17.1 and my phone reboots whenever I get a message or a call via Signal.

@KangGuru : Have you found any solution?

Sadly I did not fixed this problem. But it is extremely good to know that you have the same Bug! Thx for that.

I did not own a FP3+ at the moment but I think it is important to add a bug ticket or something similar.

If you scroll down there, you’l find a diagram. I think it is a MicroG-LOS bug but I did not test LOS without MicroG. Can you test this?

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