FP3 alarm clock not working after reboot during the night

After a spontaneous reboot of my FP3 during the night, the Alarm Clock Plus app didn’t sound in the morning. Because of that, my kids were too late for school. I seek to prevent this from happening ever again.

When I looked at the phone to see how late it was, it was asking for the PIN of my SIM card (I currently have a single SIM in the phone in slot 1).

  • is this app (Alarm Clock Plus) related behaviour? In that case: is there an equivalent alarm clock app that does sound after a reboot, before the PIN is entered?

  • is this settings related? Can I e.g. instruct the Fairphone to run the Alarm Clock app before the phone(?) app? If so: how?

  • is this solvable in another way, or should I buy a separate alarm clock to be sure to be woken up in time in the morning?

  • just in case the phone is spontaneously switched off instead of rebooting: does the trick on FP2 (running in developer mode) work on FP3, to ‘switch on’ (while it was never really off) to sound the alarm?

  • should I remove the PIN from the SIM entirely to avoid hanging in this screen?

  • any other suggestion?

I’m using Android 10, security patch 5 Oct 2020,


The built-in clock app should work just fine, is there a specific reason you’re not using that one?

The one thing I would check is if Alarm Clock Plus is installed to your SD card. Apps installed on an SD cards cannot start until the device has been unlocked, I believe this is an Android security thing.

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More than that, apps not part of the system don’t start until the first unlock due to encryption of the data partition. So probably any third party alarm clock app would have the same issue.


As a lifehack I would simply recommend a regular alarm clock. It just works.

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Yes, I will use the clock app as last resort to wake me up when the phone has rebooted! THANKS!!! I will not replace ACP with the clock for reasons noted below.

And BTW, I have not configured my SD card to be used as internal storage, because of warnings against it on this forum.

I see that the clock has many features Alarm Clock Plus has as well, which may not have been the case when I started using the app, somewhere between now and ten years ago.

It’s somewhat off topic, but definite advantages of ACP are:

  • gentle wake up option to a chosen sound level (ultimately audible in the whole house)
  • no need to put on my glasses to see where to touch the screen to snooze
  • snooze time freely adjustable when the alarm is being snoozed, especially when I’m reminded when I’m in the wrong place.

Its most annoying downside is that a snoozed alarm prevents another alarm to go off. The clock app has the same limitation, I just tested.

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That would be the solution for an empty battery situation. So far, in those cases, I blamed myself for forgetting to attach the charger to my phone. :wink:

Oh no, I didn’t mean that, I meant the thing described at the top of the article: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/move-android-apps-to-sd-card,news-21279.html (somehow I can’t find any apps on my device I can move)

I think your other things are pretty much all in the settings:

Maybe these options can help?

Except this one, sadly :frowning:

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Strange, I hadn’t seen these settings before.

The gentle alarm, I immediately used. :mega:
The buttons, I will leave for now. I’m still getting used to the button positions on the fp3 (that are much better than on fp2 imo). Shaking and flipping the phone does not come natural to me, with a heavy phone like the fp3.
Maybe the developers could add huge buttons to a screen you may choose in some future.

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