FP3 adaptive brightness doesn't seem to be working

The screen set is self on max brightness or maintains the brightness which I manually set. The screen brightness doesn’t react in any way in covering the top part of phone or shining with a light.

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it doesn’t seem to work for me either, though I am not sure how fast it is supposed to react to changes in brightness.
I tested the sensor and it works fine.

For me the the setting didn’t work at first either. What I did to get it working:
Enable the the adaptive screen brightness setting and reboot the phone. Somehow it didn’t work unless I rebooted with the setting enabled.

Usually I just go with the manual brightness though. I find that the automatic brightness turns the screen too bright.


How can I test the sensor? If the sensor works then I’d guess it’s a software bug so that can be luckily fixed by OTA update.

Ok. According to Sensors Toolbox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.exatools.sensors&hl=en) the light / lumination sensor works just fine.

So software bug maybe?

It definitely seems like a software bug if some software makes the sensor work and another one doesn’t. Rebooting the phone with adaptive brightness enabled in the settings offered no help for you I guess?

Well… It did something when I rebooted with and without the setting enabled. I got it to adjust the brightness once when I rebooted without adaptive brightness enabled and enabled it after boot. After that nothing.

Actually it seems that it only adjust screen brightness at screen unlock. Or so it seem based on my small test. As if the sensor reading was getting read only once. Well I guess that means it kinda works :smiley:. Just not the way I’d expect it to.

No, wait It might have actually worked. The auto adjust isn’t that fast nor fine grained though but at least it seems to work :smile:

Yeah, the refresh rate of the sensor for the screen brightness seems a bit slow compared to other devices to say the least. :sweat_smile:
Glad that you got it working.

A bit late, I guess, but I used the sensor testsall the way down in the developer options.

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I came here just to look into this same issue. Adaptive brightness was constantly overreacting after loading settings from my previous phone.

Quick googling* brought me to a Samsung thread which recommended resetting app preferences. Seemed to have worked for me but of course it is a pain if you have a lot of apps saved as defaults.

Since I’m not technically versed in Android, I can’t attest to how this addresses the root cause. Does anyone here know how adaptive brightness allegedly “learns” your preferences? Is it generating a spline out of a data point scatter plot?

*Ecosia actually, so Bing lol

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I didn’t know that could be reset!

I had a wee Ecosia-search, and came across this article which has a wee guide :smiley:

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