FP3 activating USB/debugging for MyPhoneExplorer/client

Hi everybody,
how do I activate USB-debugging on a FP3. The usual manuals say tap 7x on buildnumber to activate developer-mode then activate usb-debugging.

I was able to activate developer-mode but now I can’t find the option activate usb-debugging. The FP3 has Android 10. Is this option hided somewhere else?

Any tips how to do it much appreciated

best regards Stefan

You can search for “debugging” in the settings app and it will find the relevant entry in the developer options. It’s right where it’s supposed to be and called “USB-Debugging”.


In /e/ it’s called “Android debugging”.

Yeah, good point!

Now that I think of it: is the problem to find the developer options or the USB debugging inside the developer options?

I managed to activate developper-mode but I’m unable to find

activate USB-debugging

best regards Stefan

You will have to find “USB debugging” or “Android debugging” in the developer options and switch the toggle there to activate it.

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System > Advanced > Develioper Options >Debugging > USB Debugging

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