FP3 A.0118, Android9 OS update, security patchlevel April 5th, 2020

I know the notification light has religious followings both for and against, but to all those who think notification lights belong dead: thank you for taking a few seconds to disable it so the rest of us who do want it can enjoy it. :heart:


I don’t care about notifications but I bought an FP because it is supposed to last me several years but I am still on the update from December. I am using Dutch Vodafone. What do you recommend? Should I contact Vodafone or Fairphone about this issue? It’s really starting to grind my gears! I live alone and don’t have access to anyone’s SIM from another provider right now, but have any Dutchies been successful updating with another SIM and if so, how did you do it?

If you trust @Amber then you should just be a little bit patient (see here, here or here - sorry the latter two posts are in German only).


Thanks, I really hope it is true. In the meantime I am still interested in hearing from people who successfully updated using another SIM with specific details on how they did it (which provider, which slot, etc.)


I’ve just turned on an FP3 here without a SIM card, and if I go to System > System update, it shows the available update. I know you’ve tried that before but it really ought to work - but if it doesn’t, I think contacting Vodafone may be the way to go.

I think there are a lot of “update success stories” in Has anybody received the latest security update yet?, e.g. this one.


I believe, Vodafone support may not able to help, as they might have too little knowledge about the phone, yet. Maybe more to come in the future, or maybe in the Netherlands, they have more knowledge - who knows.

But I’m proud that the Fairphone community is very strong and tries to help each other a lot, which may be far more advantage than any official support. Of course, sometimes an official statement is necessary, I understand completely.

And why not asking also. But if they don’t know, please don’t hesitate to ask here @Linn

I hope I can fulfil this trust. While I have a slightly deeper look to the inside, I’m still depending on other people statements who on their part depending on other people efforts. It still looks promising and I’d like to ask for ~2 weeks of patience.


So, the good news is that FP pushed an OS update within a month from Google publishing its security updates.

Unfortunately my FP3 (A.0111 on Dutch provider hollandsnieuwe) does not see it.

For the time being, just get yourself a Prepaid SIM that does not use Vodafone’s network and put that one into your phone temporarily to receive the update(s).

Eventually, Fairphone and Vodafone will fix this issue, I suppose.

Bij hollandsnieuwe maken we gebruik van het 4G netwerk van Vodafone.

That’s why. Just get yourself a SIM card that does not use Vodafone’s network and put that in your phone to receive the update. You could get a prepaid SIM for example, put that into your second SIM slot and activate it only to download OS updates.

Eventually, Fairphone and Vodafone will fix this.

Some people spend money easier than others, so I wouldn’t be so casual in suggesting people buy things :wink: and still, I already paid 450 euros that should give me these updates.

But this is also why I wanted to hear some success stories, since I read about succes and failure. I would very much like to hear a success story from a Dutch Vodafone customer specifically, so that if I do decide to spend money on a solution, i.e. buy an additional simcard, I don’t want to have spent the money only to find it doesn’t work.

Your trick to try without a SIM didn’t work for me.
With my SIM from Youfone (KPN network NL) I also don’t succeed to in getting the update.

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Update just received! The led notification works fine but I would like to understand the colors, is there a legend or something similar?

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Sorry, I don’t get the update with Vodafone SIM in slot 1 enabled. As soon as I disable them and only have the T-Mobile SIM active in slot 2, I get the update.

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The color is usually being set by the app that uses this notification mechanism. Often, the devs would stick to their brand / UI colors here; Signal for example uses blue like in its app icon.

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…but mostly you can change the led color within the app settings.
e.g. for signal: Settings -> Notifications -> LED color

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Hallo Urs,

Das Update ging nicht mit der Vodafonesim Karte… mit der D1 Prepaid Karte sofort.



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The LED blinking is a great addition and it mostly works. I did notice a bug in it yesterday when a few Whatsapp messages came in. I ignored them as I was eating. When the first message arrived, the LED started to twinkle green. Half a minute later another message arrived and the twinkling then stopped? Before I’d finished eating, a further two messages came but the LED didn’t start to twinkle again. I will see it if can be repeated and report it as a bug if so.

Hey guys, could someone who already updated to April Update A.0118 help me out? I need the unmodified stock boot.img to get back to a bootable state (I confused my boot.img versions when patching for Magisk and now I don’t have the original file anymore). Could someone send or link it to me? You can extract it via TWRP backup (boot.emmc.win).