FP2's display is sometimes laggy


Every now and then when I unlock the FP2 the display is laggy, it renders at maybe 1 to 3 FPS. It is very difficult to use. It seems to be some problem on the graphics card, because everything appears to work at the right speed (so it does not seem to be a CPU or memory overload), except that animations happen at few FPS instead of the usual smooth ones.

Sometimes locking the phone again, waiting for a few seconds and unlock again solves the problem and everything is smooth again. Some other times it is necessary to completely shutdown the phone, removing the battery, putting it back again and restarting. Just rebooting is not always enough, but rebooting after having removed the battery is always fine. As a side note, if after the reboot the problem is still there (because I did not remove the battery), it is noticeable since the very first boot animations (the Fairphone logo con the blue strip), which are laggy at few FPS. So I tend to believe this is a hardware problem, but would like to know if others have experienced that.

This problem is rather annoying, because when it happens (usually a few times every few days, but with very high variance) the phone is really difficult to use and a full reboot takes a lot of time and drains a lot of battery.

Thanks, Giovanni.

I forgot to say that when I unlock the phone and the bug is triggered (i.e., it is laggy) a noisy frame (most probably coming from an uninitialized buffer) is show before the first actual frame is shown for a fraction of a second.

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