Fp2 won't use wetransfer to open zip, offers updater, but updater won't work

Hi. I downloaded a ‘wetransfer’ zip file. I can’t open it. I keep getting ‘Fairphone updater’ screen asking me to restart phone. I tap ‘restart’ but nothing happens. I’v turned phone off and on again - same thing. I downloaded ‘wetransfer app’, put the zip file on it, but it says it can’t open the file either and says try fairphone updater. Help!!

What is that zip file for?
The only preinstalled app that can handle zip files is the updater app, but it only handles zips that update the OS.
My guess is you need to unzip the file to use it’s contents. I’m not aware of any unzip apps for android, so you may need to unzip it on your computer.


I use the TotalCommander file explorer app for unzipping zip files. But if i am not mistaken, there is a WinZip app for android available.


Thanks, both. I’ll have a go at finding and installing a WinZip app. And Paula, thank you - that makes a bit clearer what seemed to be happening. Luckily I have, yes, managed to download AND open the files (written / typed pdf, musical score, sound files) on my computer. best wishes to you both.

ZArchiver is an archive manager for Android which can handle different archive types such as 7zip, zip, rar, tar, tgz etc. It works pretty well.

Just got a reply from the wetransfer support team who suggested WinZip, so I tried again to install an upzipping app. WinZip just doesn’t respond. But then I installed 7zip and it does respond, and I can now open the files.

I’m not sure about all the other features of 7zip - now it’s installed, will it want to ‘manage’ all the other files / apps on my device?

Thanks again, forum people.

Amaze can be used to open ZIP files.


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