FP2 Won't turn on or charge - See first post for troubleshooting

Just got my FP2 five hours ago, but it would not turn on. (This is after 4 weeks of problems with Norwegian customs and shippers).

I have tried charging it with 4 different cables combined with three different sockets (5 if you include two computer USB ports), it still will not charge.

At first I thought it was charging, as the red light (top left corner of the screen) was lit, but after an hour it still wouldn’t turn on. After reading this and other threads I tried switching cables. On the nth combination of cable and socket the screen actually lit up! But it quickly shut back down, and continued lighting up and shutting back down as long as it was plugged in.

After trying all combinations of cables and sockets available to me, that is the closest I have gotten to a functioning phone.
Any ideas?

Update: I noticed that the screen was lighting up for a longer time when I had my FP2 in a tight grip. I tried removing the back cover and pressing the battery upwards (towards the pins) while charging. The screen kept lighting as long as I pressed. So I folded a piece of paper and wedged it as support below the battery, the phone has now been working for 2 minutes and counting… Not sure what to make of this, whether it is related to other problems or not…

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I just did that - just out of curiosity as I don’t have any problems with my FP2 - and it results in a screenshot, the volume rising to max and after 20 seconds a reboot. I get the same result if I press power + volume down for 2 seconds, then volume up for two seconds and then power for 20 seconds.

What exactly should this reset?

Its essentially a hardware triggered OS ‘hard’-reset, same as pressing the reset button on your PC.
It essentially overrides anything forcing the phone to reset as deep as possible without loosing data. Sorry for not being able to describe this better :frowning:
I first seen this work on a Oneplus One with the symptoms above and a few times on the Samsung Note 4 of my girlfriend which tended to hang up so nothing except removing the battery or this keycombo worked.

Also, when doing it in a running system: No warranty for volume settings and or screenshot as Paul mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

On a iDevice its keep pressing the Home button & Power at once.

Best regards

Just long press power key long enough will trigger the hw reset.


Confirmed, this also triggers a hardware reset, even without screenshots and or volume changes :smiley:

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I decided to put my problem here, although it’s also similar to Screen blurs and lines appear and to Fairphone 2 unusable while charging.

I’v used my FP2 for one week. At first, every thing went well with charging and the screen. After 5 days, my FP2 started flicker and after some seconds, the screen turned black and I couldn’t switch it on again. After a while, I could switch it on again and everything was ok again. This happened especially while charging.
Yesterday evening it was the same, so I thought I’ll switch it on this morning, but for this time, it didn’t work. If I charge the phone, there’s only the red LED which turns to green after a while, but nothing else happens. I tried several things:

  • I removed the battery and put it on again > no change
  • There is no difference between charging with a charger or with USB to PC or to MacBook.
  • Long press on power button > the phone vibrates, but nothing happens
  • Long press on power button and volume button at the same time > the phone vibrates and there’s a sound, but nothing happens
  • I removed the screen like it is described above, and after this, the phone worked again! But after 1 oder 2 hours, there was the flickering again (now without charging) and the phone turned off. And I can’t switch it on again.

Is there anything more I can do?

That indeed sounds like a mixture of many problems, but it’s save to say there’s something wrong with your phone. I’d contact support to get a replacement phone. (Unless of course they knew a fix for your issues.)

thank you so much for answering that quickly!
Yes, a lot of problems… I already contacted the support last saturday because the camera doesn’t work. Till know, I haven’t heard anything from them. But: also there, I tried a lot of things and nothing worked. So, probably a replacement is the only thing to do.

Well you’ll probably not hear back from them on a weekend, but I’ll summon @anon48893843 to make sure someone answers your support ticket.

Thank you for your support!

When I turned on my new fairphone for the first time, the screen turned on and showed the “fairphone-logo”, but nothing else. I tried two diefferent chargers wtih different ampere and one batterypack with no result. No reaction when I pushed the start-button. I was just about to dismantle the whole thing to remove the screen when I tried the soft reset that @detobi suggested. The phone vibrated a few times and when I released the buttons it started as it should! I have also succesfulle charged it with my 5V 0,8A charger. Thanks for the tip!

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I have had similar problems:

  • The phone has become dead once or twise even though it was charged. Had to take the battery out and in to restart…
  • There’s an issue with scrolling. Its like the srceen doesent understand where my finger is touching. Usually works better after putting it to sleep and starting again. The problem usually occurs when charging for some reason.

Is it this problem?

It’s reported to be worse while charging.

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This is exactly my issue and worse when charging. But it was worse in the beginning. Have been working better lately.

Trying the fix with the settings now.

Thank you!

I have the same problem. Worked normal for one day and getting suddenly black screen. Only difference I have is when I put it on the charger with battery I get the red light. So I REMOVED the BACK COVER, and simply pressed the on button without the back cover case on and it worked !!!

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I have my FP2 for 2 weeks. First it worked perfectly fine (no unusual problems), but a few days it suddenly got a black screen and won’t turn on anymore. If it is plugged in the led light (left corner of the screen) works. I tried charging the battery for a long time, holding the power button for a long time, removing the sim-card and battery multiple times, and removing the back cover, still nothing.
After reading this thread I also changed the cables (tried a new four threaded data usb cable and a 5v and 1A charger), still the same.
I also haven’t dropped it once, it hasn’t gotten wet, no dubious apps installed…
What can I do to make it work again? Thank you!

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Hallo Michaela,

I have exactly the same thing, have just bought a new cable and will see, I also use Mac and hope to use FP2 if it gets itself going. Was wondering if you wanted to get in touch, am not in Munich at the moment, but I live in Lehel normally and will be back March 10. Debbie

Hallo Debbie, dann können wir doch deutsch schreiben. Ja, gerne, ich habe in meinem Bekanntenkreis leider niemanden der sich das FP2 leisten wollte. Hier ist meine private Email, schreibe mir, gerne:

Me and my partner got our new Fairphones 2s just a couple of days ago and have been very happy with them since. But today when my partner got home she realized hers had died even though it had about a quarter of battery life left. Since then I’ve tried to simply load the battery but that would not work so i tried to switch battery between the phones but her phone still did not respond to the on/off-button. I get nothing more than the red light loading indicator when plugging it in the charger. No vibrations, no screen activity, NOTHING! The phone has not taken any hits or been in contact with water. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Kind regards,