FP2 won't charge and battery very unreliable

I have had a very unreliable battery for some time. Far worse than another family member who has an FP2 as well. But customer service never get back to me. Now the USB connection is not working. I can charge the battery in another FP2, but nothing will charge in my phone and it will not link to a laptop via a lead either. Once again there is no response from customer service and they do not answer their phone. Could any of this be a software/app/settings/updates issue? I cannot find anyone else having similar problems. And does anyone know how to get customer services to respond?!

Have a look at this thread:

You could try to disassemble the bottom module, maybe the connector doesn’t sit tight, and you could try cleaning the connections.

The support team has a long backlog. If you want to reach them you better call, or if you’re waiting for a long time for a response, you can also post your ticket number here.

I am wary of taking it apart. But thanks for taking an interest. I have posted where you suggested.

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