FP2 won't boot without reason (no update, no damage)


I have a FP2 with Fairphone Open installed, last update made a few weeks ago. Today it won’t boot, but I haven’t made any update, app install or significant choc to the phone recently.
It’s the second time that the phone won’t boot, it just display the first boot screen for a few second and switch off or automatically reboot for 2-3 times or endlessly. The first time was a few weeks ago. I let the phone off without battery for hours and it has rebooted normally.

Today I made some test:

  • If I put the FP2 on charge it just display the first boot screen for 3-4 seconds and reboot endlessly.
  • If I connect the FP2 to a computer (linux mint) it goes on charge screen after a few reboot.
  • I removed SIM and SD card, no change;
  • I can’t boot in recovery (volume up button);
  • But I can go in fastboot mode (volume down button, blue led ON);
  • Remove back cover has no influence.

Note: the battery seems to be healthy (it last for about a day). I experience sometime a problem with the camera, otherwise the phone works well.

Is someone experienced the same issue? Any suggestion?

Best regards.

Edit: after one hour charge (connected to the PC), it boots again. Also if I charge it through a USB charger, it boots on charge screen. Probably something to do with the battery empty, but why it is charging when connected on the computer, not on USB charger (tested with different one)?

I’m not sure if it helps you, but I’ve seen strange boot behaviour on my FP2, too, but very rarely. It only ever happens when the battery ran out without me noticing it first.
If that happened, charging and/or turning on showed all kinds of strange behaviour, partly similar to what you describe.

What I tend to do

  • unplug charger
  • take out the battery
  • press the power button as if I wanted to switch on
  • put in the battery again
  • charge / switch on

So far that always resolved the issue.

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Thanks, I’ll try next time.

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