FP2 won't boot into recovery, endless bootloop every second, fastboot ok

Update: I have changed the title of topic as display is no longer an issue.
The main problem now is that it won’t boot into a recovery mode. When installing TWRP from fastboot everything seems fine but bootloop starts again and volume+ is just ignored power.
When try command fastboot boot recovery.img it complains about it being unsigned, after flashing a signed package it reboots but the same old bootloop starts.


It reboots just a few seconds after powering up showing full screen random pixels similar to those could be seen on the analouge TV when no signal was catched (they are still but new with every new boot).
It seem to be able to enter the bootloader (still with random pixels though) so I have re-flashed it with the official FP2 OS.
But it did not help.
What has changed is that now it doesn’t vibrate on every new boot cycle, but blinks with the red LED indicator. Also when entering bootloader mode it vibrates 3 times and then shows the blue LED every second.

Any help appreciated!
I purchased this phone in this condition to get myself experiment and hopefully make it work.

Hi there and welcome to the community forum.

That’s normal behaviour.

That might be a problem with the display module. Do you have a #fairphoneangel in your vicinity to test spare parts?

This could be an indicator of an #emptybattery. Let it charge for an hour or two without touching it.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

I have experience fixing myself and watching how others do a several dozens of phones and usually if the screen has no signs of damage (like it is very likely here) the problem is in the mainboard.

Unfortunately, there is no fairphoneangel in my country (Ukraine).

Ok, I have figured out a little. The red LED blinks when I connect it to computer without a battery! So you might be right here.
I don’t have a battery for it actually. I power it up with my universal power supply. And when trying to power on without USB cable connected, no red LED anymore, just vibrate, random full screen pixels, reboot, vibrate and so on.

I suspect this is a mainboard problem of some sort…

I have seen on this forum people without any visible damage having problems with their display module. Fairphone is not exactly like all other phones, I wrote the display *module, not only the screen. But you are right on the fact that it could be the mainboard. That’s why I was encouraging you to check.

Well, yes, this is expected behaviour, but I did expect that you had a battery in it. If this isn’t indiscrete, why don’t you have a battery?

It might be. But it might be the screen as well. Before testing it, you won’t be 100% sure.

Question, if you try to take a screenshot at some point (if you manage), (you can do one in TWRP as well if you can access recovery mode), do the pixels show? If they do, it probably means it’s the core module. If they don’t, it’s probably the screen.

I have just removed the 2 cameras modules, opened the metal panel of the main board, connected and no more random pixels anymore, I see Fairphone logo now and powered by Android on bootloader mode.
I suspect the random pixels issue might be with some connector cable being not properly connected / damaged.

Now the problem is that it wont boot.
Strange this is that it flashes itself without errors. Probably, all I can do now is try to flash another OS.

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“Fullscreen random pixels” sounds a lot like this:

That’s the somewhat official thread to discuss that, specially if you find a solution (there are only some clues to aliviate the thing, but not a real solution, IIRC)


I can confirm the random pixels issue is the connector problem - when I press the phone on the place where is connector is, the image is always correct, once I release my fingers and there is no more proper connection because of the vibro - random pixels come in.

How can I enter TWRP?
I have figured out all I can do is to press volume down and then power on. In this mode it only shows Fairphone logo and powered by Android and it seem to be normal. In this mode I can connect it to computer and flash and OS.

It’s a #dic:customrecovery, you enter it by pressing Power and Volume +. To flash it, follow #installtwrp, or if you don’t want to flash it, see #twrpwoflashing.


It won’t allow me to boot into recovery, same bootloop starts even though flashing was successful and I installed the signed image ( which I have found while digging this subject).

Is there a way to boot from the SD card? I have found some people mentioned it but no guides available.

A signed TWRP image is only needed for booting it without installing.
If you install TWRP, just use the non-signed images.

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