FP2 with LineageOS crashes when trying to play a song

Yesterday I have installed LineageOS 15.1 on my FP2. I runs almost fine, but trying to play a song on a music player sometimes, but not always, causes a total system crash. The syxtem frozes and after a while it reboots by itself.

I have installed Vanilla music player via F-Droid. Maybe it conflicts with the preinstalled music player. I could not figure it out clearly yet. No matter on which of both players I try to play a song, both can cause a system crash. Now I have disabled the preinstalled player and rebooted the phone. The first time I tried to play a song with Vanilla, the system crashed again. But after that Vanilla is running well, yet.

Can someone confirm this behaviour? Is it based on a fixable issue?

Before Lineage I had Fairphone Open OS installed for eight month. It ran perfectly stable in all cases. But I wanted to use an open OS, that is based on a newer Android version and that will be updated und upgraded for a long time. But unfortunately, Lineage seems not to be that stable.

In rare cases I get a freeze like this with the stock music player in connection with Bluetooth playback. A simple reboot always fixed this so far.
Music is playing fine without a Bluetooth connection for me, so I blame it on Bluetooth being the mess it is.

I’ve used LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 since 14.1 and can’t complain at all about the stability of it.

As LineageOS 15.1’s days on the Fairphone 2 seem numbered already, perhaps you want to try whether the problem persists in the upcoming LineageOS 16.0 based on Android 9 …

I’m also running LOS since 14.1, never experienced a problem like this - nit even when using Bluetooth.
Did you try to rebuild media storage data / cache?

I did not try anything to fix this issue yet. I think, it’s a kernel bug that only matters in special cases. But meanwhile it seems I get rid of it. I have played songs with Vanilla in the last hours sporadically without any problems.

But to me it’s still frightening, that an app can just crash the entire system.

Have you tried the VLC player?It works fine for me.

I’m not shure if that is the same issue, because I have not used bluetooth on LineageOS 15.1 yet.

I will rather wait for the official version, since Vanilla did not cause a crash again yet.

I have tried VLC under Fairphone OS, but there were an issue and Vanilla has features I like more.

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