FP2 with black screen


as the OS from FP2 was no longer updated, i installed divestOS quite a while ago, this has been working very well

unfortunately i dropped my phone, and the screen stays black, so i tried to fix it:

  • removing the battery: no solution
  • cleaning all the contacts: no solution

we have two fp2, so i exchanged the screenmodule from the working fp2 with the disfunctional fp2, but the screenmodule does not seem to be the problem, (the screen module from the broken fp2 works with the other fp2, but not vice versa).

  • the broken fp2 is the second generation
  • the working fp2 is the first generation

which makes me wonder, the broken fp2, charges, seems to boot, as i notice the sounds of internet messages arriving, the alarm clock also still working (no way to turn it off as the screen stays black :slight_smile: )

does a phone have a gpu?

do you have any suggestions,
or spare parts i could try