FP2 WIFI DNS Problem Apple Airport Express Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

Hi all,

I am having trouble with my FP2’s WIFI connection at home. It appears to be a DNS related problem. It manifests itself as follows:

WIFI connection from FP2 is established, but starts with the “!” (“no internet connection”). After a few seconds this disappears.
When I open the default browser, it tries to open the start page (google.com), which takes up to 30 seconds to load. Once it is loaded, a search on google.com works fine and loads almost instantaneous.
Same goes for other pages, e.g. open up golem.de, which is very slow. Click on a link to an article on golem.de, which opens up fast.
Also opening pages by directly using the IP address in the browser is fast.
This leads me to believe that there is an issue with DNS.
All my other devices here have no problems with the WIFI connection.
There is also no problem with the FP on other WIFI networks.

I tried to specify static IP address instead of DHCP and manually set the DNS Server (same as used by my other devices) when setting up the WIFI connection but somehow the phone seems to override the setting.
When I go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Checkup -> WIFI I see that the connection seems ok, I have the specified static IP.
But what is strange is that there are two more DNS servers listed in addition to the one I specified:

  • 2a02:8100:c0:239::4:1101
  • 2a02:8100:c0:231::4:1101

These seem to take precedence over the one I set and also do not seem to work.

The phone is running latest Fairphone Open 17.10.2.
I am using an Apple Airport Express as WIFI access point and DHCP Server.
My ISP is Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, I am using their provided Router / Cable Modem.

So my questions would be:

  • how can I convince the phone to use the DNS Server I specified - and only that one?
  • does anyone here have experience with airport express / vodafone kabel deutschland and maybe has some ideas if there is something wrong with my network settings?

Sorry for the long post.
Thanks for any help in advance.

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Is the DNS you’ve set yourself also an IPv6 address? Or is it IPv4? If the latter you might try to (temporarily) disable IPv6 on your router?
Edit: and additionally: did you, at least as a test, disable mobile data while trying?

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I think only the IPv4 settings can be configured manually, the IPv6 settings (including DNS servers) are always auto configured on Android.

My guess would be that the connection to the auto configured IPv6 DNS server(s) fails and the phone falls back to the IPv4 DNS servers after a few seconds (which causes the delay).

You should first test your IPv6 connectivity, e. g. on www.ipv6-test.com.

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I used an IPv4 DNS but I am afraid that I cannot disable IPv6 on the shitty router I got from my ISP.
It has very limited configuration options.

Is it possible to disable IPv6 on the phone instead?

Mobile data was disabled - I didn’t even have a SIM card installed during my tests.

There is no supported way of disabling IPv6 on Android (and it shouldn’t be necessary). What’s the result of the IPv6 test? You should also try that on your other devices. It’s likely that you have some kind of IPv6 misconfiguration on your network. Maybe your other devices are more forgiving in this respect, but the right thing to do is fixing your network. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit weird that your Airport does DHCP. Does it also do routing or is it configured as an access point (bridge) only? If both the Vodafone box and the Airport are configured as routers… That could be a problematic setup (unless you know exactly what you are doing).


The IPv6 Test yielded a result of 0 out of 20 or something similar.

I couldn’t really figure out if it is simply not supported by Vodafone Cable or if I made a mistake in the configuration.
I was sure that I had the Vodafone box configured as router only and Airport configured to only serve the WIFI and run the DHCP server (it has to be the DHCP server to make use of the guest network feature).

However, I have switched ISP and router (now with integrated WIFI) in the meantime and now the connection is ok - no more delays in accessing any pages.

Thanks for the help


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