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I dont know if this is a real bug in the FP2 or just a weirdness of androids volume control: I encountered that sound emitting-apps (aka games) do not care if I put the phone on silent mode, turn the volume down or anything else. This is quite annyoing, I do not want to regulate volume inside the app-menus everytime time I am in a different environment. So is there a separate volume control for apps or is it a bug?

There are three volumes in Android:

Media Volume
Alarm Volume
Ring Volume

If you use the volume control when on the home screen that will control the ring volume, if you do it within a game it will control the media volume. You can go into settings and change all three at any time.

On my FP1, I use the slider widget to control each of these volumes very easily.

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Some annoying games won’t respond to any of those three Volumes though, but that’s because these Apps were programmed that way. Nowadays the more annoying a game is the more people will play it right?

Anyways I moved this to FP2 Help.

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