FP2 volume control and speaker volume

I own a JBL Charge 3. On Android 6 the volume Control on my FP2 behaved independently from the volume control of the speaker.
After the Android 7 update there is only one volume Control. It’s better, but the speaker had about 30 volume steps, now there are only about 10 (Android standard). Thats too less. How can I change it or seperate both volume controls again?

Use the volume control on the side to bring up the volume bar then use your finger to move it manually. You will see it has a very precise sliding scale. Only works when the screen is lit and it can display the volume bar.

Doesn’t work. About 10 volume steps there too, while the speaker has about 30 and it worked before.

I’m sorry to say, but that is no valid argument after upgrading from one major Android version to the next.
Android 7 is not Android 6, things can be different.

“Go to the Developer settings and enable ‘Disable max volume’, then you’re able to have separate volume levels on your smartphone and speaker again.”

To enable the developer settings, go to Settings - About phone and tap on Build number several times until it says you are developer. After that, Settings - Developer settings will be there.

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Thank you very much! I also had this problem.

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