FP2 vibration motor with loose contact

the vibration motor of my FP2 sops working every now and then. When putting Pressure on the motor wit the thumb it works again.

Is there a possibility to fix this without replacing the whole bottom module, i.e. is it possible to put out the motor from the module and check the contacts without breaking anything?


The motor and speaker are not soldered in, their contacts are only touching metallic points on the board. So a loose contact is possible and can be solved by bending the contacts. Even a replacement of vibration motor and speaker is easily possible.

Note that you will lose your warranty by opening the bottom module. If you have still warranty, the official procedure would be to write to support, to receive a free new bottom module and to dispose the old bottom module by yourself.


Thats good News. Warranty is already a Year over.
Thank you!

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