FP2-update to FP OS 19.02.1 fails - TWRP without reaction

Hi everyone,

So : my TWRP gets stuck in the home screen (symbol with 2 arrows up/down). A restart of the system is only possible by removing and replacing the battery.
It is not the first time.
When I remove and replace the battery I can start the phone again but the update is not installed.

Basically I have the same problem than the one described there : FP2-update to Open OS 17.08.1 fails - TWRP without reaction
But I didn’t understand AT ALL the answer of it. And I couldn’t grasp what I should practically do after a search on the forum.

As I have no idea what is “flashing” etc, please answer in a “fairphone update for the dummies” way !

Thank you very much !

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I believe your best bet is to manually install the OS. The following official guide describes how you do it and where to get the files:

Please tell us at which step you are stuck if you don’t fully understand the guide.


This guide describes how to install Fairphone OS.
While the steps are valid for Fairphone Open OS, too, the manual installation file for Fairphone Open OS is here though …



It worked out perfectly !! thanks for the fast answer ! (my fairphone is the usual OS, not the open OS :S)

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Watch out for the topic titles then, there could be confusion because of differences between the OSes :wink: .
(Edit: Ok, the title was edited now.)

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The OTA update (to 19.02.1) also failed on my phone. I don’t know if it is a problem related to TWRP. Here is a screenshot of TWRP log:

The manual update worked fine. Thanks!

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