FP2 UI freezes but adb connection still works

We have a strange problem with my wife’s FP2. From time to time the UI freezes, i.e. the phone doesn’t react to touch screen or buttons. The only way to get going again is taking out the battery. :exploding_head:

However, I can still connect with adb via USB cable. And adb shell top shows CPU being idle.

I guess it’s a hardware issue. I’ve already cleaned internal contact pads and switched display module between our two phones but the issue persists.

Any ideas ? :thinking:

I guess you already checked storage use? (Settings > Storage)

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It stucks forever in this state without rebooting? So what system is installed? Is a SD card inserted and how is it formatted? Whats the status of the storage?

  1. Though we waited a long time (half an hour), the phone was still stuck. We had to remove the battery to get it going again.

  2. OS is Fairphone’s latest Android 10 (22.10.0-rel0) but the issue also occurred with previous versions.

  3. There’s plenty of free space on both internal storage and SD card (FAT32 formatted).

Sometimes the display shows strange patterns - that’s why we thougt it might be an issue with the display module at first.

Thats probably more likely the core module then…

That looks more like an overlay to me. Something added by an app.

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Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.


Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.

Thnx - we will try that so we can be sure wether the buttons work at all when stuck.

I have this same problem. The display freezes, but the phone responds. For example, pressing the power button twice causes the phone to vibrate as if the camera activated, or holding the power button for a few seconds and tapping where the restart option should be causes the phone to reboot (but removing the battery is usually the only option that works).
This problem always happens, in my case, when I try to record or listen to audios in WhatsApp. @rkbwde , in your photo I see this is the same case, isn’t it? It also happens, though rarely, when the alarm goes off. I disassembled, clean and reassembled the phone, and also did a factory reset, both to no avail.

@VashSan Yes, we quite often have speckles on the display when playing audios in WhatsApp. However, the phone doesn’t freeze always then.

“Unfortunately” (from a debugging perspective :smirk:), after swapping displays between our two phones and cleaning the pogo pins we haven’t experienced freezes recently. If it happens again, I will try pressing the power button and tapping blindly as you did (or pressing it for 15 sec to force a reboot) to see if the buttons still work when display is frozen. :thinking:

The phone froze again - and again when playing a video in Whatsapp. Pressing the power button for 15 sec led to a reboot so we’ve a workaround at least :smirk:

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