FP2 TomTom Via 51 Bluetooth Speakerphone

I try to connect my Fairphone2 with my TomTom VIA 51 with bluetooth.
The data conection is working well, if the bluetooth- tethereing is activated.

But the conection as a handsfree speakerphone is not established.
I try a differnt phone and everything works fine.
Please don´t hesitate to give me any suggestions.

Are all (profile) checkboxes ticked at the device in your Bluetooth settings?

i ticked all 3 boxes.
(handsfree speaker, data, contacts)

I have a similar problem: I can´t connect my FP2 with my headset NOKIA BH 104 which has Bluetooth specification 2.1 + EDR and supports the profiles Headset (HSP) 1.1 and Handsfree (HFP) 1.5. Do these profiles fit to my FP2. The headset cannot be seen as tool in my FP2 via bluetooth modus but other tools (Car, Laptop etc.).

And some more question: what are these profile checkboxes? Where can I find it on my FP2?

Thanks so far

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