Fp2 tethering USB without internet

Fp2 tethering USB without internet, my provider Fastweb tells me that the problemi is the phone. How do i resolve it?

We need a bit more information about what you are using, what does not work, and what you tried already.

  • Which android version do you use? The standard FPOS, or Open or Lineage or something else?
  • Does it work if you use wifi tethering / hotspot instead?
  • Which computer / operating system do you use? Does it recognize the phone / show any network connection at all when connected?
  • Can you “ping” the phone?
  • I use Android 9 Fairphoine OS 21.08.1-rel.0
  • It doesn’t work with tethering wifi too
  • I use hp Probook 430 GT with SO: win10 e ubuntu 21.04 hirsute
  • I think ping it, there is connecting without internet


Hi Eugenio,
I suggest this little check-list to help us identify the problem.

  1. Make sure the phone is connected to a valid Data provider with 2/3/4/5G and that the phone has a working Internet connection.
  2. On the PC (Win10) I would recommend to turn Wifi OFF to avoid any confusion .
  3. Connect the USB cable.
    Windows will typically ask what process to launch when the FP2 is connected. I would advise you to choose "Take no action" (you cannot access storage on the FP2 when in Tethering mode).
  4. In Settings on the phone, make sure USB Prefences is set to be used for USB tethering .
  5. On the PC you will likely see a notice about the "Network profile". Choose Public or Private according to your security context.
You should be done; the PC should be connected to Internet at this stage. If it is not, were there any points in the list that caused problems?

Also make sure (at least for the analysis) there’s no firewall, VPN or other blocking app (like Blokada etc.) running on the phone.


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