FP2 technical support

For some my FP2 fails to connect to my service provider. I am out of warrenry and the FP support told me that they they’ll probably change the core module if I send in the phone, which is about 200 euros.
I wonder if it would help to replace the antenne and the little antenna board since I read in this forum that reconnecting the antenna helped users to regain their signal.
However, the antenna seems to be part of the core module and is not listed as a seperate spare part in the FP2 repair cost list. Does anybody know if the technical support does replace antennas att all or if they generally replace the whole core module in such cases? Thanx in advance!

I’ve never heard of a case where support changed only the antenna but there might be cases…
You might also try to find an antenna of someone giving away a broken core module, by having a look at the giveaway or sell categories.

I cannot answer your question, but if you live in a place where repair shops are around, you might just want to give it a try. See a slightly different topic that might still be relevant to you here:


Could it be that your SIM card is to old and needs replacing?

No, I already tried several cards including a new one.

Thanx for the answer.
Unfortunately, I did not find a place that repairs Fairphones in my area (Graz, Austria) so far. I already checked the antenna contacts on both ends - they seem ok. I am not expert enough to judge whether the antenna or the board at its end can break. However, I think it is worth to give it a try replacing them. Would be a shame to just recycle the phone…

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