FP2: Teardown & Reassemble Competition!

I liked @urs_lesse 's suggestion of making a phone call. We could do that before and after the time trial to prove it works :wink:

I guess the timer stops when the screen turns on, but it still needs to fully boot after that to validate the time.

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How about the timer starts the second you put your hands on the phone again?

@paulakreuzer the second time? Great idea!

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  • phone on

  • perform a task like a call to show it works

  • turn off

  • wait

  • hands off

  • hands on (timer starts)

  • disassemble

  • hands off (timer stops)

  • hands on (2nd timer starts)

  • asseble

  • hands off (2nd timer stops)

  • boot

  • wait

  • perform a task like a call to show it still works


Well I think I’ll lose! I got my FP2 today and am trying to remove the screen since 10 minutes without success. My particular Fairphone doesn’t seem to want to be taken apart.


Did you remove the battery first? I recall seeing a comment mentioning that the battery blocks the display.


I think Paul’s main challenge is the case …

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No, the case is not the problem and yes I did remove the battery.

At first it was very hard to move the two blue clasps to the middle, but when I managed that still I couldn’t get the screen off. Now the clasps move more smoothly, but the screen seems like glued.

@paulakreuzer Don’t worry about losing, any time at all will be a record breaker! Have you tried looking at the iFixit teardown for help with taking it apart?

Yeah, but it doesn’t mention anything I didn’t know. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. Joe suggested massaging the phone, … which I did … for an hour … I felt silly doing it … there was no “happy ending”.


it seems that your phone is the “Ugly Duckling” of Fairphones… huh, strange

Maybe it’s not just unteardownable but also indestructable! :wink:


I had the same problem with the display. I stopped trying it because i’ve been affraid of destroying something.

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I did it! So 11hrs is the time to beat! :wink: Well actually that’s just for taking off the display, I don’t feel like using a screwdriver now in the dark.


Doesn’t repeated assemble and disassemble wear out the plastic case pretty much? Maybe this competition is not the best idea in terms of longevity and reduction of waste…


But didn’t the Fairphone team actively encourage owners to open up their phones on day 1 to create a stronger relationship with the phone?


Yes, but not a hundred times in order to win the teardown competition! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They want you to not be afraid to open it if something breaks.

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Hey guys and gals,

I kinda feel like my dad saying this but… please be careful! Like @Ant0kneeguy says, be very familiair with how opening up your phone works. And of course, check out the iFixit tutorials when doing so. Yes, the phone can be taken apart easily and it is designed for that. But the reason for taking apart the phone should first and foremost be to repair the phone.


@paulakreuzer I have exactly same problem… I don’t want to break it. Good to hear that you succeeded without breaking anything! I will try to massage it now for a little bit… :smiley:

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