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Hello forum,
Due to a sudden loss of most of my FP2 signal, I have checked antenna connections and tried a new sim card, I am trying to approach Fairphone about repairs under warranty as the phone was supplied new to me 1 year ago through the phone co-op.
I sent Fairphone an email repair request 6 days ago, apart from receiving a case number I have not heard from them. The support number provided in that email ‘for a quicker response’ they say, was a software firm who knew nothing about the fairphones!?
I am self employed and rely on my phone for business, I appreciate that fairphone is an evolving concept but it would be good to be informed of what was happening rather than tumble weed.
I was wondering if anyone else has a similar frustrating experience?
Or if they know of the correct phone support number please.
Thanks for your interest Duncan

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#contactsupport should have all the info.

And here’s the warranty …

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Thank you for the information. Sadly yesterday my FP2 took a turn for the worse, it stopped taking a charge or very little and is now in a cycle of trying to reboot but then dying, through lack of battery power i imagine. A sad day, any ideas why it would suddenly stop charging please?
thanks Duncan

See #batteryguide

Thank you AnotherElk I resuscitated my Fp2 now I am back to working out how to repair the loss of signal issue. I have not heard back from FP and it had been about a fortnight. I may try revisiting checking the antenna cable connections. I am afraid that if fp2 do discuss a repair/replacement because I have a broken screen they may say I am liable for costs?
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