FP2 suddenly very very slow and unstable

Hi there

This morning, my FP2 suddenly became very slow, like 1 or 2 frames / second ! Battery is draining very fast, 50% after 1 hour. Beside this, a lot of unexpected reboots. Almost impossible to use the phone, it’s reaction delay is almost a second.

Even after robooting, I got the same result, and even the LOS logo loading is very slow…

Is that a Virus ?

What did I do recently …
Installed ES explorer and granted root access to it.

I’m doing a Titanium backup and then try a hard reset.

Anyone has any clue about what’s happening ? My phone was working very smoothly just yesterday !

ES File Explorer is known to cause trouble with screen overlay permissions, but wreaking all kinds of general havoc on the phone was more often attributed to the official facebook App until now …

I don’t use the Facebook app, just messenger. I uninstalled es explorer, but the problem still occurs. Will do a hard reset and let you know…

For what it’s worth … the only time I came close to what you describe (minus the battery drain), was when I prepared a workaround for a broken screen before it gets broken.
Lacking a broken screen, I simply took it off the phone and then tried to boot the phone blindly and as soon as Android was up to mirror the screen and operate the phone via MyPhoneExplorer. That worked somewhat, but showed very very severe lag (when with the screen assembled to the phone this mirroring worked totally fine).

So if the hard reset doesn’t work perhaps, as a random shot, disassemble the screen from the phone, clean the contacts and assemble it back.
For the heck of it, while you’re at it, disassemble the other modules and clean the contacts, too. Mind, that’s not a rational proposal here, but it can’t hurt :wink: .

The hard reset worked. I’m still thinking that it was a virus of something similar… Anyway, will not use ES explorer any more … :rage:

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I’m back. Even after this hard reset, the problem occurs again !!

It is not a software but Hardware problem, like the graphical processor is not responding sometimes.

Unmounting my screen and mounting it again fixes the problem. I’m worried that this phone is actually not so reliable. :frowning: I’m wondering if I should replace something… And the support team seems to be very busy, and takes a lot of time to reply my other request…


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