FP2 suddenly stopped receiving emails (I'm using FairEmail client)


I started using FairEmail in October after emails suddenly wouldn’t send from the email client that came with my FP2 when I bought it in 2018. All was working just fine til a few days ago when I suddenly stopped getting incoming messages & had the error message: Synchronisation errors since 24/11/2020 [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.

I’ve checked my account settings but couldn’t see any problems - & anyway, email has worked fine since mid October. I also tried re inputting the account settings, but it wouldn’t let me save them, giving me the same"[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed" error message.

So, I’m wondering what has changed …

And I’ve just tried sending a message to myself from Fair Email & I received this straight away! So, it’s just a problem with incoming messages.

Any ideas or thoughts will be much appreciated - thank you

Which email provider do you use?
I know Yahoo dropped some authentication methods in mid-October.

It’s a customised email linked to our website, of the format andrea@websitename.
I had a feeling it might be linked to google in some way, but settng up the FAirEMail account, using the Wizard, only worked when I set it up as with provider ‘Custom’.

For the IMAP host name, I entered the server name with port 993.

Thanks Andrea :slight_smile:

It might be worth a try to contact the administrator/tech support of the site that hosts your emails. Maybe they changed some server configuration and are able to tell you what you need to change in your account settings.

Edit: I’ve just installed FairEmail myself to see if it has ways to access more details about the error. In the so-called “hambuger menu” (the three horizontal lines; top-left) there is an entry called “Log”.
If you try to receive messages and get the “Authentication failed” error again the Log might contain additional information that could help finding the root cause.


Hi Andrea,

if you have not changed your configuration, but the authentication fails now, then your admin or website hoster must have changed something.

So please ask them for the correct settings (especially encryption type and Port). You could also ask you colleagues if they have had similar problems recently (and maybe found a solution already) Also, try to find out who the hoster is – FairEmail has a vast list of providers which might be useful for picking up the correct basic settings. IMAP is an open standard and should work without issuse.

Good luck,


Thank you, I didn’t realise about the log & have had a good look now. I’m not seeing anything that’s taking me further though, but that could be my lack of understanding of the log statements…

So, yes, I’ll contact TSOhost, the site that hosts my website & emails, & see if they’ve changed some configuration. Thankyou for suggesting :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this Thomas. My hoster is TSOhost: where do I find FairEMail’s list of providers?

The suggestions from all of you also gave me an idea for a wee test. I set up an account on my phone for my husband, whose email address uses the same domain: his email address is robin@websitename

I used the wizard as before, & now his emails are coming in to my FairEmail inbox, no problem!
That makes me think all the more that TSOhost may have changed something.

My question is: might it be an idea to try deleting my account form my FP & setting it up again? And if so, first of all, can I be sure it will only delete emails from my phone & not the server?

Secondly, how do I remove the account? I couldn’t see anything in FairEmail or in the FP general settings for doing this.

Thanks so much for your ongoing help everyone - greatly appreciated.
Andrea :smiley:

If you delete the account in the FairEmail settings, it won’t delete anything on the server.

To delete the account go to the hamburger menu again, then Settings > Principal > 1 Setup accounts > Manage > (your account name) > tap the three vertical dots menu > Delete


Fair Email > Settings > Principal > Setup accounts > Manage> + > IMAP. TSOhost is not in the list, though.

You can find their guide for setting up your email on Android at

Android Devices | Tsohost Knowledge Base

Best wishes,


Thank you everyone for all your help with which I have finally managed to get FairEmail working on my FP2 again. It took a while because I was so busy with work, I made do with the fact that, in these times, I was never far from my home computer for long…

So, to fix it, I did first speak to TSO host who said they hadn’t changed anything at their end. So I deleted the account from my phone - thankyou so much for the reassurance that the emails would only be deleted from my phone, not from anywhere else - & set it up again using the FairEmail wizard as before.

All now seems to be working fine, so I can only assume there was some change somewhere & redoing the set up made use of the changed scenario.

As ever, SO grateful for all your support, wonderful community of Fairphoners - A huge thanyou & a happy new year to all smile:


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