FP2 - spares and repairs. All parts except core. UK


I just got a FP4 :slight_smile:

I had a long and troubled relationship with my FP2 -

Eventually, it broke in some mysterious and all-encompassing way about about a month after the warranty expired. I seem to remember the ‘core processor’ or somesuch was buggered. I rang FP and they said it was a write off.

Anyway, I put it in a drawer and got on with my life.

But now I want to sell it so someone else can keep their FP2 dream alive.

So far as I remember, the microphone and camera and battery and screen are all sound.

I have no way of checking, but there are no cracks or obvious damage.

I’m happy to post in the UK, but Brexit means posting abroad is a headache so I’d rather not.

Sensible offers accepted :slight_smile:


Well, since my FP2 mic doesn’t work, I would be interested in the bottom module… But I am living in France. Would it be a great deal to send it to me?

Thanks and nice weekend,

Hi and welcome to the forum. Out of curiosity where in the UK are you.

Heya. I’m in London.

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Hey. Everything I have sent since Brexit has ended up being rejected by customs :s

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:sob: Well, I guess we chan’t change that…

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