FP2 Spare parts

Unfortunatelly my Fairphone 2 core modulus broke and I decided to sell the rest of the parts, all of them are working,

-Camera module 12MP
-Slim Turquoise case - with used signs, there is a visible crack in corner of bottom part
-A battery
-Display module
-Top module

I am in Austria (Vienna) and I travel almost every month to Spain (Madrid), also I am happy to ship wherever.

If you are interested write me!

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Hi Maaa,

I’m interested in your Top Module. What model is it; 2 or 5 MP camera?

Liebe Grüsse, Julia


Actually I don’t knwo… any idea where it should be written?? My phone is from 2016 (if it helps…)

Einstellungen und dann ganz nach unten scrollen. “Über das Telefon” bin mir nicht ganz sicher weil ich alles auf Niederlandisch habe. Dort kann mann dan die Daten zur soft- und hardware checken.

Thanks for the info! Unfortunatelly I can not turn on my phone (my core modulus is broken)

There’s some hints on how to identify the modules without relying on software further down this page:

wow that was super usefull thanks

My top model is the one with the 2MP front camara

O, that’s very inconvenient! I missed that, sorry. You can see it also when you take the phone apart. On your top module it should say FP-REC02 on the left hand side when the camera of the top module is in front. It’s below the “scanner” that measures distance and locks the screen when phone is used for calling. Can’t come up with the right word right now. Can you find it?

Say this one later! Thanks for the info, I’m looking for the 5 MP. Good luck selling!

No problem! good luck for you too hope u find it!

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