FP2 spare parts for sale

DM me for spare parts of FP2

Hi It may save a few disappointed enquiries if you list either the parts available or those not if most are :slight_smile:

All the best.


I search a Display-Modul for the fp2.

Do you have one?

Hi Anton,

Yes, I still have the screen for FP2 (see picture).
It’s 6 years old and has just some minor scratches due to daily use of the phone.
I will sell it for €15 (excluding shipping costs). Let me know if you are still interested.

Have a nice day!

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Have you a bottom module?

If so, at what price are you selling it?


I am looking for a bottom module for a Fairphone 2. I would be really interested if you still have one !


I have a buyer for the bottom module. If this doesn’t work out, I will let you know.

Enjoy your day!

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Hi Lieke1,
I am looking for a core module for my fp2.
Would be great to find one here :slight_smile:

Hi Thomme,

I have this part still available

Kind regards

Thats the display module…

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Is this still available?
I’m very interested: can you send it in Italy?

Thank you,

hi lokking for bottum module
greeting Francisca

Sorry, I have sold bottom module

Hi, @Lieke1 do you have available the RF cable? (see step 10 in ifixit guide Fairphone 2 Teardown - iFixit)


Hi javi,

I have the part available. What would be willing to pay for it?

Kind regards, Lieke

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