FP2 Sim Slot 1 is not working any more

Hello. My SIM Slot 1 is not working any more. The SIM card itself is working, because when I put it in the other Slot everything is OK.
It happened after I made a test and put another SIM card into Slot 1 yesterday. It was a Nano-Sim of a friend that I just put into the SIM adapter. I wanted to test the internet connectivity. When I put in the other SIM it sayed “SIM Karte ist leer” (SIM card is empty) and when I put back my own SIM card it still gives the same message and Slot 1 is dead now. And when I put my SIM to the other slot it works.
Any idea what happened and how to repair? Would be very glad to get a solution.

If you compare the two SIM slot s do the pins of slot 1 look broken/deformed?


no. not at all. the look fairly the same

You don’t say whether your Fairphone 2 is one of the earlier ones before SIM holder contact pins were modified, but using a nanoSIM adaptor is asking for trouble unfortunately upon it’s removal.


My FP2 is from June 2016 or so.
What do you mean by “using a nanoSIM adaptor is asking for trouble”

For some background, see this topic:

It seems it’s easy to get pins caught on the internal edges of the adaptor when removing the adaptor - with the risk of ripping out the pin altogether. The design of the FP2 sim slot later changed to one that appears to be less susceptible (at least, the number of reports on the forum decreased significantly).


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