FP2 should remember SIM-Settings in Dual-SIM Mode

I use 2 SIM-Cards with my FP2 under Android 6.0.
When I turn off one of these SIM-Cards and turn it on again, the settings are lost.
I want, that the phone asks me which SIM I want use to make a phone call or send an SMS (in that cases, where both SIM-Cards are turned on).
Every time I switch off a SIM and switch it on again, the setting “ask ever time” is gone and instead the last SIM Card turned on is selected.

Use Case: I have a private and a business SIM. During the day I want to be asked which SIM I want to use. After work I switch my business card off and the private SIM is automatically selected. BUT when I turn on the business SIM again, still the private SIM is pre-selected, instead of the setting “ask every time”.

It is not a big bug, but annoying every day.


Yes that would be easier.
Or maybe just to be able to associate each contact with one of the SIM Card ?

That can be done by using an app.
Maybe you will find some hints in this thread:

and of course by searching for “Dual SIM” in the play store (i.e. Yalp via F-Droid in my case).

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