FP2 shipment: Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents


I got a shipping notice from Fairphone with a tracking code January 11. So far, so good. The phone was sent a parcel delivery centre in Amsterdam where it was for 8 days with a status saying “Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents.”, and then it was apparently sent back to to Fairphone. I’ve tried to contact the Fairphone support Januaray 14, but the ticket is still open. Did more of you have problems with the shipping documents? The phone was supposed to be sent to Norway.


Hey @jansc,
Sorry for the late reply (also here on the forum).
Did you still not get a reply by FP?
@anon48893843 could you look into this?

Hi @paulakreuzer and @anon48893843 ,
thanks for following up this issue. I called the customer support yesterday as the order was marked as “completed” in the shop and I still haven’t got the phone. It turned out that several phone shipments to Norway were returned due to the same reason while others went through customs. These phones are soon being resend with DHL. So I need some some patience while my current phone is literally falling apart. Hope it’ll last some more days :wink: