FP2 sent for repair, new motherboard (?), camera still doesn't work

Hi. I live in France and recently sent my phone to Orange for repair under guarantee as the camera was not working.
Orange sent me a phone within 24 hours (!), stating that the motherboard had been replaced. In fact, I doubt that that is true: as received, the phone had a protective plastic sheet over the screen like a new one, It looked brand new and the little white triangle at top left was no longer there. This seems to clinch my suspicion that they simply replaced it with a new one.

But the camera does not work properly on this one either. A restart produces various situations, an occasional one of which is normal function of the camera. Otherwise the picture is sometimes cut up into pieces, or the screen is filled with garbage, or it even shows photos, or it cannot be opened at all. (The phone has not experienced an impact.)

What can I do? Is my problem with Orange or Fairphone? Is there any point in reporting the problem to Google? Thanks for any advice you can give. (I am not technically very competent.)

Your problem is with Orange, as Orange did a repair job and you are not happy with the result, so Orange would have to do something about it.


Your phone is from Fairphone, sold by Orange. Your OS is from Fairphone based on Google’s Android groundwork.

With your current phone and setup you could complain to Google in case of problems with their online services (the services you need your Google account for), e.g. login trouble, connection trouble, Play Store trouble, data loss on Google’s end.

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Thank you Elk, I have made an appointment with Orange for next week.

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