FP2 - Screen wobbling and unable to work

Hello the community,

I’ve just noticed a few days ago, that my FP2 Screen is (at some moments) not stopping wobbling and I am thefore unable to access to anything by touching it.

It has started to do this, since I removed the screen protector (transparent sheet).

Have you had the same issue yet ?
Do you have a solution from your side ?

Here is the preview of this current issue :

Thanks in advance for your help


Looks like the screen isn’t making good contact with the core module. Not sure why this would happen from removing the screen protector, but it may just be a coincidence, or the result of some dust or dirt getting in between the two parts if you removed the outer casing.

First thing to try is to remove the screen module (demonstrated with the old case design, the first step is a bit different with the slimcase) and clean its gold contacts as well as the corresponding little pins on the core module (see below) with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud, taking care not to leave any fuzz or strands behind, and then reassemble the phone to see if the problem goes away.


Hi Robbert,

Thank you for your reply, that’s quite clear with your explainations and picture, I will try it tonight and let you know if it’s ok with this cleaning manner.

Thank you so much!



Hi Robbert,

I’ve realized the cleaning that you mentionned yesterday’s night, and fortunately, it works again!

You were right as on the cotton bud we found some dust after cleaning the gold contacts.

So happy that it works again thank you so much :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, you made mine!


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