FP2 screen suddenly black, battery full, phone working

Dear all,
I have used my phone until yesterdayafternoon and in the evening the screen would not light up anymore. The LED is working and also my alarm went off this morning. However, screen stays dark.
any ideas for help?

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There are some different issues described that can cause a #blackscreen . To determine which on it is could you tell us which OS version you use and what happens if you long-press the power button?

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Hello here,

I have the exact same problem:
the screen would not light up anymore it happens a first time last week, after I put the FP2 in my Pocket, and a second time yesterday in the morning (the phone fall off my bed in the night). The LED is working and also my alarm. If I long-press the power button and the phone is on Nothing happen… After I remove the battery if I long-press the power button the phone get on (the led is working and vibrator is working: a fisrt time when it get on and a second time for the password i guess). However, screen stays dark and touchscreem don’t work (there is no vibrator when i touch it) even when it’s in charge.
The first time it came back like it was gone: I don’t get how, I just try again to make it react in charging.
This time the screen stay dark for now.
For the OS version there is no root on my FP2 I think.

If you can help me…

I’m sorry for my English, I hope it’s understandable.

Try to take off the screen (with battery removed) and put it back. There may simply be a loose connection.

Hi Paul,
I use the latest version that was ready for update lately. 1.3.6, I believe. I have tried a few times to press the power button. If I press short it gives a tiny vibration, the same happens if I press much longer.
Hope that helps

how do I remove the screen?

Never mind, I found the tutorial. and yippieh, yeah, it is working now!
I am pretty impressed. Glad it was nothing worse!


Cool! Glad it worked out. :slight_smile: