FP2 - screen not working due to water. Advice sought on repair

I’ve got a FP2 - about 3 years old. I dropped it in water, and didn’t read about drying it in a bowl of dry rice until it was too late. The screen turns on but is constantly flashing madly and doesn’t respond to touch.
I took it apart and inside it’s OK. Would replacing the screen be cost-effective?
I’ve got a replacement so don’t need it. If someone wants to take it off my hands, please make me an offer :slight_smile:

Fairphone offers a FP2 display module for 65 Euro - https://shop.fairphone.com/en/spare-parts/fairphone-2-display-module

Perhaps it’s an idea to contact a #fairphoneangels to test the phone if replacing the screen is enough to get the phone working normally again.

Thanks Amber. I see you’re a Fairphone Angel.
Does being an Angel mean you can replace the screen and I’ll pay only if it’s successful? :wink:
You see, I won’t know for sure if it will work once the screen is changed and I’m as broke as my phone at the moment :open_mouth:

Thanks Lidwien
Is the Refugees Welcome a group that would supply my phone (if repaired) to a refugee? I’d be happy to donate it if that’s how it works.

For what it’s worth, I’ve seen a couple of water-damaged screens with the symptoms you describe, and in my experience they’ve been unfixable (there are ways of fixing some screens with touch issues). The good news is that in every instance, a screen replacement did the trick.

The way an FP angel can help you is by meeting up (if possible) so you can try their screen on your phone, to see if that solves the problem. If it does, you can look at what the options are to get a new one - some angels have stocks of spare parts that you can get for cost, or less, or even for free, though screens are the dearest part among the modules, so your odds of finding one for free are rather slim.

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Hi, a Fairphone Angel offers local support for example with checking the phone, mounting modules, or software issues as far as possible. Check also https://map.fairphone.community/. During Corona crisis at least I try to offer.

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